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01 / Educational Services

Technology solutions yield the best results when users understand their capabilities and are taught how to optimize their functionality. We help you get the most from your solutions through proven instructional methods, cognitive research and education, quality rubrics and years of relevant experience.

Prepare your academic staff to deliver high quality teaching and learning with technology.

02 / Transitioning to Online Teaching Workshops

These workshops are designed to equip faculty with the key competencies needed to design, develop, facilitate and evaluate an online course. With a focus on the development of practical skills, these courses give faculty the confidence to transition from teaching face-to-face to a blended or fully online mode leveraging the tools available in the Learning Management System.

03 / 100% Online Courses

A large part of successful learner outcomes is figuring out the best teaching strategies for your subject matter and students. Keeping students engaged and excited about learning is a combination of course design and student management.




We are committed to serving 21st century learners and global citizens by becoming leaders in global K-12, higher and corporate education partnerships using creativity and an interdisciplinary approach to the Art and Science of culturally relevant Learning.

Supporting students’ understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math content while utilizing simple materials and processes that promote critical thinking and problem solving.


This series of courses provides best practices for online instruction, student engagement and virtual community building; effective uses of asynchronous and synchronous technologies, social media and other emerging technologies; and data analysis techniques and student performance measurements to individualize instruction in an online or blended environment. The courses in this Specialization may be taken in any order. Each course can be taken independently. The Specialization concludes with a final project that will give you the opportunity to integrate and apply the skills you have gained throughout the courses.


Ensure you offer the knowledge your trainers, academic faculty, corporate instructors, course designers and system administrators need to provide engaging courses for all learners as well as optimizing your technology investments. 


  • Compliance With Institution Standards for Teaching

  • Increased Value on Investment of Your Learning Technology

  • Consistency in Pedagogy Delivery Using Technology

  • Confidence of Academic Staff in Their Teaching & Learning Approach





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